Why our course

You will learn the skills and gain the knowledge that you really need to get started with success. It will empower you to produce great websites and better understand the technologies of the web. Whether you want to become a web developer or just enhance your technical skills — this course is for you.

Successful foundation

No prior web development knowledge required. Acquire the skills and knowledge for efficient continuous learning.

Pareto principle

We have selected the 20% most powerful skills that you need for 80% of your work as a web developer.


Gain an overview of important web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript), frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap), design principles and strategies.

High quality content

Get a best practices starter kit that you can use to build your professional websites.


You will get a lot of useful resources that you can use to deepen your knowledge and bring your skills to the next level.

Fast feedback

You will get fast feedback and help with your questions and problems.

About the course

You will learn how professional websites are structured, what the principles of great design are and how to efficiently apply this knowledge to create your own website.

You will also gain strategies to save time and effort. Learn how to expand your knowledge with efficiency. Benefit from other professional’s work.

Upon successfull completion of the course, you will get a certificate that you can add to your CV.

Meet our team

Jonas Aschenbrenner


Jonas has eight years experience in creating websites. He is very interested in effective teaching and communication.

What others say

Shivang Bharadwaj

GSoC Student and developer

“I was Jonas's mentee under GSoC'17. Jonas's clear and eloquent response was one of the main reasons for the successful completion of the project. His unique style of mentoring helped me understand some very complex concepts with more ease. Jonas is extremely skilled in providing concise and unequivocal feedback on some very convoluted problems.”

Adrian Lanning

CTO of Share911

“Jonas is one of the most talented software developers I have had the pleasure of working with. There are not many people who will noticeably improve the quality of your code but he is one of them.”

Sam Hatoum

Founder of Xolv.io

“Jonas is one of the best programmers I've ever worked with and has an intuitive understanding of technology. Not only does he produce very high-quality code, he also does it quickly. He is also a great and persistent communicator. I learned a lot from working with Jonas and would do it again in a heart beat.”

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